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It's time to shift the Gear

Its time to shift our focus from conventional(fossil fuels) energy resources to Renewable energy resources (Solar Power).
For a sustainable future, we need to shift from conventional IC engine vehicle to Electric Vehicles (EV).
Solar Energy and Electric Vehicle is going to make a revolution in the coming future in field of energy sector.
We provide solutions for solar power as well as EV chargers of Level 1, 2, 3 for international market.
Also, We are moving in direction to develop EV charges as per Indian Government standards following the specification of Bharat EV AC Charger (BEVC-AC001) and Bharat EV DC Charger (BEVC-DC001)

About Company

Tvesas Electric is a leading service provider for Solar Energy & Electric vehicle Charging system. Our vision is to promote the Solar energy & Electric vehicle adoption by providing affordable & sustainable Solutions. Our mission is to drive sustainable electric mobility by providing elite charging station availability to Electric vehicle. We facilitate our esteem customer to meet their maximum energy demand through Solar Energy. Join us to shape Green future where everyday transport is Electric & Energy Solution is Solar.

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