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Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

Tvesas Electric provide all type of private and public electric vehicle charging solution integrated with cloud CMS & mobile application. Tvesas Electric launch it’s EV charging solution services with “VOLTTIC” trademark name.
Our Solutions include Bharat AC Charger, Bharat DC charger and DC fast chargers with CCS/CHAdeMo& GBT standard. Bharat AC01 & Bharat DC01 chargers are based on Bharat Charging Standard approved by Indian Government.
We also provide AC EV Chargers with type 2 connector ranging from 3.5 to 22 KW. Our Fast Charger included CCS &CHAdeMo based 50 KW to 150 KW. GB/T based DC fast Charger are also available from 60 to 120 KW rating.
Our solution best suited for Electric car, fleets and electric buses charging.
Please visit Volttic for Volttic EV charging services.

About Company

Tvesas Electric is a leading service provider for Solar Energy & Electric vehicle Charging system. Our vision is to promote the Solar energy & Electric vehicle adoption by providing affordable & sustainable Solutions. Our mission is to drive sustainable electric mobility by providing elite charging station availability to Electric vehicle. We facilitate our esteem customer to meet their maximum energy demand through Solar Energy. Join us to shape Green future where everyday transport is Electric & Energy Solution is Solar.

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