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Solar Power

Solar power is one of the most affordable, reliable, sustainable and profit viable source of renewable energy, Renewable energy can solve the majority of problems related to pollution & restrict the emission of hazardeous gas content in our atmosphere.
In January 2015 the Indian government expanded its solar plans, targeting US$100 billion in investment and 100 GW of solar capacity (including 40 GW from rooftop solar) by 2022.
We are also working to achieve this Indian government's ambitious plan by maximum utilization of Solar Energy.
We welcome you all to be a part of this green revolution to make India more clean & sustainable.

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Features We can Provide

Tvesas Electric is keen interested in Manufacturing, EPC, Sale, Installation & Maintenence of Solar Power under the supervision of skilled professionals.
Offered solar products are manufactured using cutting edge technology and premium quality component in complete accordance with set market norms. These solar product known for their easy to install, no foams and no smoke, maximum light coverage , high efficiency , eco-friendly , long service life and less maintenance.
We are also interested in developing Solar Park or Solar Power Plants where produced Solar Power can be directly connected to grid for commercial use. Our company can also provide solar rooftop solutions as On-Grid & Off–Grid solar process.
On-Grid Systems are solar pv systems that only generate power when the utility power grid is available. They must connect to the grid to function. They can send excess power generated back to the grid when you are overproducing so you credit it for later use.
These are simplest systems and the most cost effective to install. These systems will pay for themselves by offsetting utility bills in 3-8 yrs.
Off-Grid/Hybrid Systems allows you to store your solar power in batteries for use when the power grid goes down or if you are not on the grid.
Hybrid systems provide power to offset the grid power whenever the sun is shining and will even send excess power to the grid for credit for later use. It Provides power for your critical loads when the power grid is down.

About Company

Tvesas Electric is a leading service provider for Solar Energy & Electric vehicle Charging system. Our vision is to promote the Solar energy & Electric vehicle adoption by providing affordable & sustainable Solutions. Our mission is to drive sustainable electric mobility by providing elite charging station availability to Electric vehicle. We facilitate our esteem customer to meet their maximum energy demand through Solar Energy. Join us to shape Green future where everyday transport is Electric & Energy Solution is Solar.

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